There once was a woman named Nikki Who's available time was quite tricky I tried and I tried 'til I quite almost died To have her see me for a quickie  --ANONYMOUS  


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"Review Notorious   Nikki new blonde in Newburgh" update

The following link will take you to, wherein you will find several (somewhat juicy, interesting and humerous) pages of male banter, including quite a few reviews on me.  Since some of them are just so fuckin ego-inflatingm I have decided to copy and paste the actual review below, as well.  It's my website; I can do that! LMFAO!



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don'tgetcaught   Join Date Mar 2007 Posts 2,347

yyuuppp thats my girl.....been there , done that , been back , going back !!! lol dgc at my age..whatever........ H.V.'s Official Milf Hunter Reply   Reply With Quote       


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HDexperience   Join Date Oct 2010 Posts 61

Have to agree with most of what I read here on her. She is in her early 40's, thin frame. Saw her last Friday night/ Sat. morning at her place. Been trying to meet for awhile now, something always seem to get in the way to prevent it. Was feeling still very horny after seeing another providers (broke my own personal record) before calling Nikki up. It was very late around 4am. As luck would have, it she answers! Not an easy thing to find someone willing to see you that late and without ever meeting before. Get to her place small but very homey. Took a 30 min session but ended up talking for I think at least an hour (pre and post coital) She has some great and fascinating stories in her history. For me worth it without the sex!  Ahhh, the the sex, what can you say about someone who has been there and back with just about anything you can think of...several times. Seems to be open to most things, not sure if she is YMMV with that but in general few rules, a true GFE. Most things are on the table I believe anal also but did not try. Started with kissing, I then went down on her ended up in 69 for a bit. Got a cover went into doggy didn't last long, ended up pulling out ripping off cover, came on her ass. She turns to look waits till I am done an asks me why I did not have her take my cum in her mouth! Tell her to come down here and clean me off, she does happily! Good girl!  Of course I will repeat. Usually go for the 20 somethings (I assume like the rest of us)but will have to say there is at times something to be said for experience. Think her rate was 100 for the half which is what I had said I wanted to start with. Think I gave her 160, maybe it was just the 100(if I did that I definitely still owe her) really do not remember, night was a long and interesting one for me.

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Coming out of my self-imposed exile, I decided to see Nikki again. Actually have seen her a few times now, and she is one of my ATF's. She is a true GFE, and she always has a new trick or two up her sleeve. She has been practicing her DT, and all I can say is practice makes perfect! For me, she pretty much fulfills everything I look for in a GFE. All acronyms are available. I will say again, she is not a 20 something, but she has the butt of one, lol. She has a few tattoos, which add to my biker chick fantasy. Her apartment is small, but I am not roller skating so it doesn't bother me. She can also be very engaging in conversation, if that matters to you. Mods, this thread should be merged with this one, as they are the same woman.


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New User   Join Date Mar 2013 Posts 8 Met with Nicki on Tuesday. Had a great time. The conversation was good as it seems she really likes her "job". Talked about her "fantasy". She doesn't believe it will ever happen but never know. BBBJ was awesome as she definitely has some skills there. I saw her before work so I only stayed for hh but it was a good hh. Hope to see her again real soon


Posted by: tweener1290 On: 04-18-2013 06:12 PM Saw the famous Nikki the other day and all I can say is OMFG! There are multiple reviews on this lovely woman so I will keep this short, simple and to the point.  Nikki is a beautiful woman with a killer ass and a personality that makes you wish the time will never end.  I was not seeing Nikki to "get my nut off" but more to experience a woman who has experience and she was the perfect woman for the job. We started off with some small talk as she walked around the apartment as others described allowing you to get a look at all she has to offer; excellent!  She is proud of her body and should be, we have all been with ladies who cover shit up.  I make myself comfortable and she invites me to sit.  This is where she took over and that was exactly what I needed; a woman acting like she cannot keep her hands off me, I just sat rubbing her very little allowing it to be all about me! She gave this BBBJ that I will just say is probably the best, if fact, I would go see her just for that!  After a long while of her just well ... too hard to describe but she went from BBBJ to whispering in my ear, to kissing me all over, to engaging in small talk and back again.  After a long while of that, she rode me CG and RCG until she finished, then finished me with the best BBBJ with CIM and took it all - oh my!  We chatted for another minute or two as I got uncomfortable and left. She did not watch the clock, I am sure we went over.  She has multiple BJ skills and styles - I saw two of them, I bet she has more.  There were times when I felt like this was a first or second date and we ended up back at her place.  Yes, like everyone has said it's small - but its cozy and makes it feel that much more you are seeing a friend and not a provider. I think she has a real kinky side that we have not seen, or at least that I have read yet lol... I might be willing to see how kinky she gets, or that might be bit too daring :) Not sure when, but obviously I will repeat, it was a blast. The Notorious Nikki 

Where do I begin? No need for anyone to put up her posting as that is well established and thanks to the Mod for merging the thread. So here goes, and I had better watch my spelling and the such or Nikki might comment, she's a stickler for that sort of thing. In keeping with my recent decision to stay with the more main stream providers, I thought of perhaps starting with Nikki. Now right off, I want to make this clear. This is a positive review but in keeping with my style I have to keep it real. I mean no insult to Nikki as I may be needing her to... I give her a call and after some minor scheduling differences I got to the arranged location. Everything said before is true, Her place is small and therefore filled with her belongings giving it the appearence of being unkept. It is neat enough and one should not expect the Ritz. She has a cat and if that bothers anyone, take something for that before hand. Nicki gave me the impression of being cool enough to be on the back of a motorcycle, smart enough to carry on a logical conversation at a table of scientists and whorish enough to creep under the table and give a bj between courses. If you Mongers are expecting a young, ignorant, with a 20 something body, that's not Nikki. Instead, she is a seasoned woman with both body and mind showing evidence of having not only aged, but that she has lived. I have given this some thought as to how I could relay my experience. Yes, I could say that I spent an hour on her couch, having her give me one of the top two or three Bj I have ever had, that she purposely brought me so close, only to slow down so she could get me close again, and again, but, think of it this way. If you have 15 minutes to eat lunch, you get a burger. Just a burger. Beef and bun, swallow it down, go back to what ever it was you were doing. It filled a void but did you actually enjoy it for all that it was worth? Could you really appreciate the effort the cook put into it? Now if you have an hour for lunch, and want to savour that same burger, with all the fixings, side dishes and maybe a shake at the end (pun intended), that is the experience you go to Nikki for! Take an hour, she is not a clock watcher, sit back, and enjoy. This woman loves c**k and it shows.

Posted on: 18 March 2013 at 15:08 VISIT DATE: MARCH13, 2013 New User Join Date Oct 2012 Posts 5 REVIEW. I had a session with Nikki this evening. All went great. Pics are real and she really is up for almost anything. The whole menu was available. Insert acronyms seriously though dont worry about seeing this provider, she is legit. The parts i used were snug and she is slender in build. Great attitude, lots of fun. Review her pics and have a fun time. $5  1. Reviewer: thinkcenter2009 (BestGFE)  

Reviewer: Jim Fullher@bestGFE: 12.2012

Posted on: 08 March 2013 at 23:43 Review - Notorious Nikki: VISIT: DEC. 2012 All right... There was much of talk about this provider, with a lot of criticism about her pics, yet nobody had even met her or at least not to write up a review... We exchanged several emails last week, with her being very upfront as to services, donations, location, etc. She said that GFE is very ymmv, dependent on how she feels

about you. She also openly answered some questions I had pertaining to her BDSM side. (Unfortunately she's only a Domme, and does not switch.) She's been in business for some time, just recently back in the scene in this area. She also has a few regular sub guys of hers, if that is your thing. I had time to play this Saturday, and needed to cross near to where she was, so I started trying to contact her around noon but I kept going to VM (which was full). I tried again around 1pm (same thing), and just after 2pm when I was about 15-20 minutes from where she was. She'd been asleep and answered this time, apologizing for not realizing her VM was full. When I told her how close I was and asked if I should call back on my way back through, she said "Not a problem! Here's the address, let me hop into the shower now!" By the time I got there, she was just finishing up and came to greet me smelling nice & fresh and wrapped in a towel... Her location is in a private apartment not too far from a certain string of busy short-stays north of the 'burg. It is off of 9w, not any more visible as one of the notells, but possibly visible enough from 9w for the more paranoid among us. The apartment is very small and a bit cluttered, but neat. Just a 'lot of stuff in a small space type' cluttered. The photos from the last two months are from this apartment, so you can get an idea. The only downside to this is that she entertains from a couch/futon (that can be seen in above pics), so that may be an issue for some of you guys who are either very tall or big around. She is also a smoker, and *does* smoke in her apartment, so this also may be an issue if you (or your SO) are sensitive to it. First off... The last two months photo's are definitely her, are recent, and do not really do her justice. She does not lie about her age, and she bears the badges of being a mother. As some of the other more mature providers say, if you are looking for someone young, better to go for one of the college girls who post. The photos do show that she does indeed have an adorable body and cute ass that is nice and solid, beyond the marks of motherhood. She has a lovely smile that lights up her face and makes her look much younger. She also has a great attitude, and really seems to enjoy what she does. For people who like a comparison, her attitude is very similar in nature to Krissy in Pok. So... We get comfortable and start talking as I get undressed and start to explore each other a bit, with some lfk & playing with her nice little responsive A/B's. She started on a nice enthusiastic slow bbbj until I swung her around for some DATY, DATO & 69, then back to DATY. Nice, tight to fingers & tasty. Cover came on, and so did she in CG. She rode sitting CG for a bit, tight initially but opening nicely as we went, mish for a short bit, then she asked for K9. Rode that way for a while varying speeds until I lost it in the bag, watching that cute ass bouncing against me and her hand reaching under herself to fondle the boys. :P All in all, a very nice, unrushed session with someone who really seems to enjoy what she's doing, knows how to do it, and at a very reasonable donation. Asked about greece trips during the small-talk while cleaning up & dressing. Yes... Greek is available, but I did not ask how much extra, if any. Would and will return, finances & timing allowed. Damage: .9hh (was there just under an hour total)  

Reviewer: casey jones@bestGFE 1/2/13   Posted on: 08 March 2013 at 23:37 Notorious Nikki - so nice in Newburgh VISIT: DECEMBER 2012 Been lurking here having good times with nothing special to report, then along came Nikki. Tis the season to be jolly, so last week I couldn't help being lured to Newburgh by the smile in Nikki's bp post. Her pics really do not do her justice, much prettier in person. Nikki is a very flexible spinner who enjoys giving pleasure. Lots of anticipation when we got to close the door. So sweet with her clothes on. Then she got comfortable. And with her good attitude I knew I was in for something special. Had to ask her if I was making too much noise when she had me groaning. Said I wasn't. Then her enthusiasm had me screaming. Took me to the other side. Not sure if I'm back yet. dfk daty mish bbbjnqns. Initials don't capture the magic. When Mick Jagger sang Start Me Up - never gonna stop - make a dead man cum, it could of been about Nikki. Details for getting her attention are at Donation as posted for hour. Not a clock watcher Treat her right and you will be rewarded.  

Reviewer: Brutus01@besGFE: 1/6/13   Posted on: 08 March 2013 at 23:34 REVIEW POSTED: 1/6/13 Nikki, you sure do have excellent oral and written communication skills, a rare feat for most providers out there. BTW, remember I met you back in September, when you first started ? We met at the McDonalds, and as I was uncomfortable going to your place - what with you being an unknown, we drove down to "that place," parked and did what we came to do. That was awesome !!!!! Sorry for not posting the review, but it seems as though those from this board that have seen you thus far have experienced equally outstanding sessions. Keep it up and sorry for being a no show the last time I was supposed to visit.  

Reviewer: BigEdNY84@bestGFE 1/7/13   Posted on: 08 March 2013 at 23:33 BigEdNY84 VISIT: 1/7/13 I'm overdue on my review and short on time now but I will say the following: Nikki is great at BBBJ - so much so that i lasted 10 mins at best. She was more than accommodating, very thoughtful and caring. I'm fairly certain she'd be open to most fetishes as she has already told me about her department store one! All in all, a great gal, a great time at a great price!  

Reviewer: JimFullher@bestGFE:VISIT 1.12.13   Posted on: 08 March 2013 at 21:05 JimFullher Full Member Join Date Sep 2006 Posts 155 Review (Again!) VISIT DATE: JAN 12, 2013 Not that I often do multiple reviews of a single provider, but so far I have not had a single bad session with Nikki! Yet another lovely evening spent with her tonight. VISIT DATE: JAN 12, 2013 No need to go into more details than everyone I and everyone else has been talking about, but I do want to say that I have enjoyed the intellectual intercourse with Nikki almost as much as the other fun stuff! I do not think that I have felt as close to a true GFE with another provider as I have with her over many years of playing. I have never felt rushed, and always been made to feel very comfortable when with her. She truly enjoys what she does, and it shows in every aspect. Nikki, I said it earlier and I'll say it again... Thank you for coming into the area, and I greatly look forward to our future meetings...  

Reviewer: corvuscorax@bestGFE - 1.11.13   Posted on: 08 March 2013 at 21:03 Originally Posted by corvuscorax REVIEW FOR JAN 11, 2013 I never know what to expect when seeing a provider for the first time. That especially holds true for a provider that advertises on BP. I met Nikki today, and I have to say that she literally blew me away. First off, I will say, and I told her this as well, that her pics do not do her justice. She took my constructive comment in exactly the way that I meant it, non-offensively. She has long legs, an incredible ass, beautiful eyes, and a very endearing smile. She is TOTAL GFE. She is NOT a twenty something, but her ass could give a lot of twenty somethings a run for their money. She also has natural breasts, not a bad thing in my book. She is also a gymnast(literally), and we did things on her futon that I did not think would be doable. Her place is in a very quiet part of Newburgh. Safe, private, and discreet. Yes, it is small, but I wasn't there to ballroom dance. She seems to have addressed the smoke issue, because there were scented candles burning when I arrived, and my clothes did not smell when I left.(No I did not get naked in the car before I went in, and yes, she still delivered the surprise she promised.) She told me that she intends to stay low-volume, and I agreed that that was a good thing. She also considered my suggestion that she stay away from BP, and use this site to build her clientele. She was dressed in a very sexy teddy with a thong and thigh high boots, which were a big turn on for me. I like tattoos on a woman, and she has several, so I found that to be a turn on also. All the acronyms are taken care of, and her BBBJ, which included some interesting play with a vibrating egg, was mind-bending. As she was riding me in CG, she asked me if I wanted to finish in the cover, or somewhere else, and then pointed out a plethora of places where I could choose to finish if I wanted to.(I will leave it up to your imagination as to where I eventually did). I intend to try every one of those places. She can also do DOM, which is not my thing, but I would bet that she is great at it. She was very open to my needs and was very responsive to my body language. Very clean kitty, and tasted great as well. I originally booked a half hour, but she is not a clock watcher, and we ran over. I was the one who pointed out the time. I felt like I was with a woman who genuinely enjoys what she is doing, and if she was just acting like she was enjoying herself, then she is a great actress. I hope that Nikki sticks around the HV for a long time, as I feel that there are many avenues left to explore with her. 85 for the half but I added to it due to the overtime. She did not even look at the donation. I originally intended to write just a short review, but hey, she brought out the writer in me.  

Reviewer: DrStrangelove@bestGFE -1/12/13   Posted on: 08 March 2013 at 21:01 VISIT: JAN 12, 2013 Saw Nikki yesterday for 1/2, and the visit was awesome from start to finish. High red boots and teddy at the door, she kept bending over to look at or get things. She has strong back muscles and great posture, and that really accentuates her ass in the best way when she bends over. Anyway, I wanted to lay back and be pleased and teased, and Nikki delivered. We talked about our fantasies, she told me about hers, and I wish I could deliver it -- very hot -- but alas I don't have friends in the dept store business. At one point, she was whispering in my ear, not touching me, about the things she wanted to do to me, and the things she wanted me to do to her, and I almost lost it. Amazingly sexy and sensual. French was outstanding, including ice cubes - a first for me. Finish was new for me also - very hot. Everything is on the menu, gents. Great time, I will be back.  

Reviewer: don'tgetcaught@bestGFE:3/13   Posted on: 08 March 2013 at 20:59 VISIT DATE: MARCH 3, 2013 was getting better already when i popped over....even rehung her curtains lol........  

Reviewer: Onthego @   Posted on: 08 March 2013 at 20:57 VISIT MARCH 5, 2013 I saw Nikki for the first time a couple of days ago. It was easy to set up a time and she gave good directions to her apartment. Her place is very small, and she apologized for the mess, and said she was working on tidying up. It really did not matter - she quickly put me at ease. She is eager to please, and I had great sex with her. It has been a long time since I last saw a provider, but I am now eager to go back and see her again. Who knows, maybe she will have tidied up by then! Nikki, thanks for a great time.  

Reviewer: ChrisM   Posted on: 28 February 2013 at 20:13 Email: Thank you for our time the other night. You delivered and I look forward to exploring more fantasies with you soon  

Reviewer: FrankD   Posted on: 22 February 2013 at 13:14 Email: REVIEW I saw Nikki again, actually my third time, and it just keeps getting better. She is very easy to lose track of time with, and she is not a clock watcher. Called her on the spur of the moment, and she had some time so we hooked up. She gives a great bbbj, her pussy tastes great and we did it like two monkeys in heat until she asked me to take the bag off and CIM. I was happy to oblige, and she left me totally drained. I love the way that she walks around and makes sure to bend over and pick stuff up or straighten something out so I can get a glimpse of her spectacular ass. She knows that I know that she knows that she is doing it, and it drives me nuts, lol. I had a great conversation with her after, and we lost track of time. She is my fantasy tattooed biker chick come to life. I will repeat as she is moving into my atf category.  

Reviewer: DrStrangeluve   (TER review) Posted on: 12 February 2013 at 16:26

Date: 1/12/13 Provider: Wicked Nikki Phone: she provides after email Email Address: URL / Website: City: Newburgh State: New York Address: - Appointment Type: Incall

Did the Appointment take place at the agreed-upon time?: Yes

Activities: BBBJ, CIM, COF

Session Length: 30 Fee: .85 Hair Length and Color: past shoulder, blonde Age: 30s Smoking Status: I Couldn't Tell

Ethnic Background: White/Caucasian Physical Description: Nikki is a 30s blonde, tall (in her thigh high red boots), slim, with a great ass that she loves to show off. Easy 2-call got me to the door, and she answered wearing those boots and a teddy. Non-VIPs, you won't be disappointed... Recommendation: Yes

Reviewer: DrStrangeluve   Posted on: 02 February 2013 at 08:17 From for me  

Reviewer: Newburgh, NY