Greetings and thanks for checking out my site. New pics are currently being added. If you need help signing up for free membership, be sure to drop me an email: msnikkiwicked@gmail.com

Why should you come visit me? Well, for those of you visiting this site or hearing about me for the first time; there is one thing that I am certain of. And that is my innate ability to tap into one's inner desires and just know what it is that he/she is seeking. And armed with this knowlege, I am able to make the most of our time and ensure you an experience that is fulfilling, exciting and memorable. No Bull, No Games--Pure Adult Fun!

**All fantasies & fetishes are welcomed**

Whether you seek a therapeutic,stress-relieving warm oil massage, or afterschool detention with your captivating, domineering Teacher: I got you covered. Again, I prefer to discuss specifics verbally, but to give you an idea of how vast an array exists for us: expect ANYTHING from mild to wild. No two people are the same; each is unique; So, each session is as unique as its participants.

LOOK AT THAT ASS!!                            

Smart, sexy, down-to-earth, open-minded, uninhibited, personable, loves to explore, and just a whole lot of FUN.  That describes me in a nutshell.  I host in a safe, discreet and private residence--NO HOTEL!  Appointments are available almost any day and time of the week.  I welcome your questions, comments and feedback ALWAYS.  I am here for YOU..so your thoughts are very important to me; and I will respond to each and every inquiry I receive. (Please bear with me, sometimes I am a bit overwhelmed by the number of inquiries I get, so your patience is greatly appreciated.)

Enjoy! I want to see your Blog posts, Comments & Reviews.

This is YOUR WEBSITE and everything you do here, see here, and write here will STAY HERE. Just as I respect your privacy, I expect you all to have the same mutual respect amongst yourselves (For example:if you happen to see a familiar email on a posting or a review; you NEVER leak that info to ANYONE, ANYWHERE) That will be considered a serious confidentiality breach.  Such said behavior will result in a permanent ban from this site and from any and all further communications with me.


Please update my email address to the following:: msnikkiwicked@gmail.com or nikki@msnikkiwicked.com

For quick contact, including questions & appt. inquiries, simply fill out form below and send it.

Simply Wicked; Yet Divine,


Steve D (10.23.2017)
Hi - Saw your reviews on Erotic Monkey and was interested in scheduling an appointment. Do you have any availability this evening @ 6:00 for 60 minutes?
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I do...i will email you directly from my email account...msnikkiwicked@gmail.com
Jon M (04.27.2016)
Hey, I\'m in North White Plains by Pace University, trying to smoke a blunt with a pretty girl and get fucked in the ass. I have a virgin ass and am really horny tonight.. Let me know girl, I won\'t disappoint you
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check your regular email...i responded to that...
Ahall933 (03.19.2016)
Still in the H.V area?
I thought you lefto us and went to Albany. I hope your back, I\'ve been wanting to see you, but was never able to catch you. Hopefully, soon I will be able to book a spot
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Never went anywhere....certainly NOT ALBANY!! YUCK!!
G.M. Brown00 (07.22.2014)
I like your attittude and persona, very attractive.
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Thank u
Aaron (06.27.2014)
Hello Ms Nikki , I am a around the world man . French , English , and Greek I love it . Could you possibly fulfill my desire ?!
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but of course my dear!
steve (06.24.2014)
hi,seen your site I am a newby and a little nervous,could you relax me to the point I can enjoy our time.The gfe experience is my preferred thing,who knows after that.I seen you have many good reviews so I figure I should be broken in by the best,most experienced and you seem to have a calming mood about you.When are the easiest times to get appt.Is early afternoon cool.Let me know how you would handle me.One more thing I have not had great times in a very long time.This is a private conversation ,Because I would like to ask a few more things and tell you somemore about me .Then ,I would like your opinion and expert evaluation.Could this happen.I am going out for while now but will check later,hope to hear from you. bye for now.
P.S. think u r very sexy. I am older than you
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jimmy (06.04.2014)
Hi nikki ur beautiful. I have a cuckold fantasy. I dont know if you can accomodate but id like to be ur little bitch while you have sex with another guy. Can be down ur way wedenesday evening 6/11. Im very good looking, 44, white, proplrtionate, shaven.
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Eric (05.28.2014)
Interested in an appt today any availability?
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Ken (05.28.2014)
Very interested in your site, and meeting you today, I am good looking, good shape,
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Andrew (01.02.2014)
Hi Nikki my name is Andrew. This is a first for me but I hve a fantasy I have always wanted to live out. I am looking for a mom son experience outcall. It is something I have always thought of and now it is becoming something I must act out. I need discretion as much a possible due to my girl. I was wondering how much an outcall like this would cost. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you
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Dan (12.13.2013)
Good morning! I\'d like to visit you this morning. Let me know if that is possible.
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mike (12.09.2013)
Hello I hope to meet with you soon..especially after all the great reviews
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Sb. (11.28.2013)
Hey you long time no talk or see ;)
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Marc (11.21.2013)
Hey Nikki how are you can\'t wait to hookup again you were great both times guys your missing out if you don\'t call her don\'t be scared because I\'m definatly not
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Phil (06.18.2013)
Like to see video of you and meet
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Steve (06.10.2013)
Hi Nikki, would love to see your video
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BILL (06.04.2013)
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mike (06.04.2013)
I would love to see you in all leather
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